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as RaillegFracture



2020 - Pyramidisc <<<<

a vilted memory of one of the first cohesive pieces of music I recorded.


2020 - The Species Replacement Event

this was heavily inspired by game soundtracks from about 1995-2005. yay. it needed to be ugly. it's like a ritual, kind of.

plastic house

2019 - Plastic House

a slightly experimental instrumental album that emerged from a very dark place. its mechanically artificial presense now very dimly haunts all of the world from far, far inside the farthest depths of the internet. but at least it means that it doesn't lay all the haunting on me anymore.

plastic house

2018 - The Blank Void Behind Mountains

i didn't actually get around to releasing this odd primitive techno/idm/vaporwave album before in early 2020, but everything about it was already finished in 2018 - it was just uploading the files really. what i find special about it is the frequent odd time signatures and/or polyrhythms as well as its dreamy repetitiveness and relaxed production style.

as Antiseptic Bombs

(bedroom punk songs and stuff)

least bad nonhits 15-17

2019 - Least Bad Non-hits 2015-17

an unmastered compilation of the best or least worst antiseptic bombs songs. it's mostly better than the ep's! some highlights: creepy people (about creepy people), don't you dare (about creepy people) and the storm (also about creepy people).

goff ep

2016 - Good Ol' Fashioned Fanatics EP

an ep about imagination. it's slightly less badly recorded than the first one and has a mix of guitar rock and keyboard sounds. song topics include fools hanging on walls, a violent ritual turning a man into a cat, small fish teaming up with a shark, being smart enough to recognise you're dumb, going to the bar on a thursday and beauty in absolute failure.

ydcama ep

2015 - You Don't Care About Me Anymore EP

a fun but badly recorded punk-ish ep about silly stuff like a mind controlling scooter, butter addiction, reluctant sadism, illuminati and dead cows on catapults.

the short version

RF - Pyramidisc <<<< [EP]
RF - The Species Replacement Event

RF - Plastic House
AB - Least Bad Non-hits 2015-17 [Compilation]

RF - The Blank Void Behind Mountains

AB - Good Ol' Fashioned Fanatics [EP]

AB - You Don't Care About Me Anymore [EP]

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