wait, you didn't get enough information on the front page? ...oh! you probably just clicked this about page because that's what one usually does on a webpage. makes sense. so here's some extra and probably completely unnecessary questions and answers just so you didn't come here in vain:

wtf is 'the static fields' supposed to mean?

once had an idea for an album with this name, but it probably won't be made. moved on to other things. i like the name, it makes the site feel like it's own thing with it's own identity apart from the actual artist names. A static field is also a term used in some programming languages, but i didn't know that when i named the website.

yeah about that, what precisely distinguishes these two 'artists' or 'projects' or whatever from each other?

Antiseptic Bombs is mostly about wacky songs with lyrics and vocals etc.; also usually includes some guitar and maybe a keyboard or two. it's a while since i released anything new under the name, but i still consider it my main music project.

RaillegFracture is a newer thing that i created on the side as an outlet for instrumental tracks made from start to finish on the laptop. It tends to have a very cold, bleak and fairly monotonous sound to it that wouldn't at all feel right alongside the AB songs i think.

i clicked on 'about', why is this set up like a FAQ?

i could have called it the FAQ, but i don't really get questions that frequently. so i invented some questions myself instead.

isn't that how a FAQ usually works anyway?

probably i guess? but how would i know

this site feels a bit home made, did you code it yourself or what?

actually yes! i mostly decided to make this site because i thought it would be fun to learn how to code html at least on a casual level

what is the meaning of life?


eh whatever nerd. who makes the album covers?

i do as well.

i need more product placement in my life. what programs do you use?

all freely available software up until this point.
audio recording and editing: Audacity
sequencer and daw: LMMS
image editing: Paint.NET (not to be confused with MS Paint!)

do you usually interview yourself like this?

you already know that answer, because you are me and i wrote you :P

you just wrote all this bullshit because you know that no actual music journalist is likely to ever interview you so you just lured me into reading through your self indulgent wish fulfillment fantasy

first, that's not a question. second, hope you enjoyed it